Chica E! Mexico

E! News / Tania Rendón is the new Chica E! Mexico !

Her popularity in social media and its strong presence made ​​the winning trend …

Chica E! Mexico, the most chic showbiz competition, discloses his undisputed winner: Tania Rendón, who with her charisma and sparkling personality conquered the public and achieved overwhelming 75 % of the vote, fulfilling her dream of being the host of a special program on E! Entertainment Television.

Alejandra Aguayo , Sofia Rivera -Torres and Tania Rendón started the race with more than two thousand applicants who registered to Chica E! Mexico , showing their abilities, skill with the camera and style to conquer the top of this tough competition .

After a hard work of E! we selected 15 semifinalists who moved to the stage of casting, where the jury of Dalilah Polanco, Oscar Madrazo, Marcela Cuevas and Eduardo Videgaray, elected the Big 3 finalists.

The girls lived unique experiences such as Revlon test where they had to show their personality and creativity in a fun manicure, in the perfect outfit of Nair, the style and agility won to create an outfit for a E! girl; besides showing as ” being the best of all your days ” in the testing of Analgen Candiflux.

Meanwhile, Alejandra, Sofia and Tania conducted interviews and shootings with major media in the country to engage the audience and get their feedback.

Tania was the one who managed to convince the audience with her ​​talent and glamor that are some of the values ​​of E! and allied contest sponsors: Lubriderm, Candiflux, Nair, Revlon, Exa and Style DF, and becoming Chica E! Mexico have the opportunity to lead a program produced especially for her by E! Entertainment Television.

Congratulations to Tania to succeed in the trendiest competition and be now Chica E! Mexico!

A production of Hachede TV & Phoenix Films for E! Entertainment Television.

Producers: Andres Gomez / Abraham Dayan

Director: Alberto Garcia

Cinematographer: Alejandro Alcocer